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On this page you'll find all the wonderful products, downloads, freebies and services to help boost your business. 

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Cake Order Form Templates

Remember to gather all the important details with these printable free cake order forms.

  • Yours to keep & print as many times as you like

  • Helps you collect all the important details

  • Tips for a seamless order process

  • Occasion cake order form

  • Wedding cake order form

  • Wedding Consultation form


Cake Pricing Guide

Learn how to price your cakes with this step-by-step guide. Never undercharge again!

  • Price your bespoke and custom made cakes accurately

  • Make a profit on every order

  • Pay yourself a fair wage

  • Prepare custom quotes with confidence 

  • Learn to price both batch products and one-off designs 

  • Cover all overheads and expenses

  • Includes The Cake Pricing Calculator

  • Lifetime access


how to set up food business netherlands_edited.jpg

How to Start a Food Business in the Netherlands

Get going the lazy way with this step-by-step guide and get your food business set up in The Netherlands

  • How and when to register

  • Find out if your kitchen can be used

  • Discover how to get HACCP/hygiene rules sorted

  • Discover what permissions you need and secure them

  • Calculate the BTW on your goods

  • Learn what insurance you need

  • Prepare for inspections

  • All in English


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