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Want to start earning from your AMAZING cakes & bakes, become your own boss and work to your own schedule?

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You are an enthusiastic baker, caker or foodie and are ready to start your own small food business.

You want to take back your life and do it YOUR way from now on.


Now feels like the right time to break free from your suffocating 9-5 (which has somehow become more of an 8-6!)


and finally ENJOY being in charge of a schedule and workload that works for you. 

You just need a bit of support along the way and although you are

 go-getting, independent, capable woman, you also know that seeking out the right help will get you going so much faster!

Welcome to KMcakes

 Hi, I'm Kate


I'm an English Expat living in The Netherlands.


I ran KMcakes, making luxury wedding and birthday cake and giving cake decorating workshops for seven years before turning my attention to helping other bakers.

I was getting so many requests for help from other expats who also wanted to set up a food business, that I took a break from baking to write the expat guide to starting a food business in the Netherlands. 

Then I discovered my lovely customers also needed support with the tricky question of pricing, so wrote a guide on that too.

These were

a bit too easy

to find


I'm a bit of a foodie, and will absolutely use 'researching other successful businesses' as an excuse to sample lots of treats!

Developing a viable business that uses your skills and interests, fills a need in the market and will make you a profit can be a challenge.

Which is why I developed an interactive calculator as part of the Pricing Guide that will help you assess the viability of your ideas and plans for your business, before you put them into practice.


If I'd had the calculator and pricing guide when starting my own business, I'd have saved months trying to sell fondant coated cakes like this one when my local market was into buttercream cakes! In the guides I share what I learnt to help you avoid making the same mistakes! 

but don't just take my word for it!

here's what my customers say:

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Cooking at Home_edited.jpg

Got Questions?

Contact me at with your questions, I'm here to help. 

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