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How to price your cakes
and bakes

A self study guide for

bakers and cake decorators

who sell one-off custom designed cakes

or batch baked products.

Learn to price your products quickly and accurately, knowing for sure

you will be able to pay yourself

and make a profit on every order.

aah, Pricing...


The key to financial freedom.


Yet so often the barrier to earning what you deserve.

You started your business for the freedom to work where and when you wanted and to do what you love....

...but without the right pricing, this can quickly look more like working all the hours for very little pay.

Accurate pricing that includes your business costs, your income and includes a profit….

that is the recipe for a happy baker and a sustainable business.

Imagine being able to confidently prepare quotes

for every custom order

in just a few minutes!

Pricing your hand-made products can be one of the most challenging parts of starting a business.

cake pricing guide kmcakes - kate.jpg

You may find yourself:

  • Spending hours scrolling competitors' websites, wondering "how much would they charge for this?"

  • Second guessing your price, wondering "Will anyone pay that much?"

  • Emotionally pricing and over delivering...  because your customer is so sweet and you really want her to love her cake (and maybe to love you a little bit too.)

  • Confused about overheads and how to split these costs across your orders fairly.

  • Or just totally lost and don't know where to start.


How it would feel to:


  • Know exactly what to charge for every product you sell and every custom request you get.


  • Know that YES, your customers will (happily!) pay your prices. 


  • Send quotes with confidence, without second-guessing yourself. 


  • Have a system in place to prevent emotional (under)pricing, even when you're really really tempted to. 


  • Know for sure that you have covered your overheads and that each order covers a fair portion of this. 

  • Sort your pricing without having to know loads of technical terms nor complicated math.

You're in the right place!


You are not alone, pricing can be tricky, especially when your products are handmade!

When I started my cake business, pricing was my biggest challenge. I got it so wrong despite my best efforts.


My first cake, sold for €45 🤦‍♀️

I'd figured out how to cost out a recipe but was lost on how to charge for my time or overheads, and didn't considered profit at all.


I was also convinced that no one would spend what I felt my cakes were really worth.

Perhaps I should have taken the hint when my (very lovely) customer paid me more than I asked for! 


It quickly became clear that the pricing needed some serious attention.

So, I devoured every book, guide, blog, video and podcast I could get my hands on.


and subscribed to online groups, attended workshops, paid to join communities, obsessed over other bakers prices, and followed everything anyone had to say on this subject.

but there was always something missing.


Every method skipped one or more essential part of the process!


They were all trying so hard to over simplify things that they were missing out vital components needed to make an accurate price.

Over time I developed my own method.

I combined all the theory with real life experience from running my own business. It took a while, but this method worked.


It incorporated all the components vital for an accurate price and accounted for the fact that selling custom designed cake is selling art, not just food.


To take it one step further and for my own convenience, I built a calculator...

that enabled me to prepare a quote for any custom designed cake in just a few minutes.

It made a HUGE difference to my business, and saved SOOO much time. 

When a potential customer sent a message asking 'how much for this?' I knew exactly how to reply, and...

...I became one of the most high-end cake makers in the region, my order books were full and other bakers started copying my prices. 🥳

Now I'm sharing my method to help you price with confidence too. 


In this guide you will learn to:

Calculate your prices quickly, accurately AND make a profit.

This is for you if:

  • You sell handmade, custom designed cakes directly to your customers.

  • You sell small batch produced items directly to one or multiple customers. Things like cookies, brownie, macarons, croissants.

  • You are thinking of starting a business but want to work out if your idea is even feasible.


  • You've started your business and are looking for a helping hand to guide the way.

  • You have managed to figure out your prices, but thought "No one would ever pay that much!" and don't know how to proceed. 

  • You made a good start but got lost with the confusing math and calculations.

  • You have already tried to figure out your prices, but got stumped by mystifying financial terminology.

  • You are already selling your creations but are suspect you are underselling your work considering how long it's taking you. 

Kate mason author.jpg

Hi, I'm Kate and I understand how you feel, I've been through all these stages when starting my own cake business. I know exactly how much time and effort it takes to find your way.


I offer you this guide to >> accelerate >> your journey. You could spend months or even years under charging... or you could get paid your worth right now!


Do you want to stop feeling unsure, and stressed each time you need to decide on a price?

Claim your time back and learn to price with confidence.

The cake pricing guide will help you quickly and confidently work out the prices for both small scale batch produced items and bespoke one-off designs. 

I've broken down the process into manageable steps.

It'll be as if I'm right there next to you, helping you collect the numbers that make up each component of your price as we go.

Everything is written in simple English, avoiding financial jargon. The terms that we do use are carefully and clearly explained to help build your knowledge as we go. 


Once you have collected your numbers, you will put them into the Cake Pricing Calculator to find the selling price for your product. 

You'll also learn how to use the calculator to assess if your planned products are a viable option for your business.... and if not, we dive into what you can do to make them viable. 

Why is this guide so great?
(if I say so myself)

I know you've probably read a million free blog posts, watched a fair few webinars and probably listened to a podcast or ten on this subject already.

So you're probably wondering "what's different about this guide?"

This guide will get you results!


I won't waste your time by asking you to write down how you 'feel' about pricing or what your 'intentions' are.

We get straight to what matters; your numbers.

You will get practical, step-by-step tasks

that are simple and straight forward.

You will get a workbook and after each segment of the guide you will go and collect the numbers that are relevant to your business. Don't worry, this is easy, I explain exactly how.

Once we have collected everything together, you will feed your numbers into the Cake Pricing Calculator and get an accurate selling price for your product.

You will get ongoing access to the calculator so you can prepare every future quote quickly, easily and accurately, knowing for sure that you will be able to pay yourself and make a profit.   

Here's what you get

How much do birthday cakes cost.jpg

✔️The step-by-step online guide.

✔️A printable workbook to help you collect the numbers for your business.

✔️Access to the Cake Pricing Calculator.

✔️Access to the Delivery Cost Calculator.

✔️BONUS: Guidance on building a viable business.

✔️BONUS: Money mindset tips to help you feel comfortable charging your worth.

✔️Lifetime access to all resources.

I know you are busy which is why with this guide: 

  • You can work entirely at your own pace.

  • Fit your learning around your baking, kids, customers. 

  • There are no live calls to attend and you won't miss out on learning if life suddenly gets in the way.

  • You only pay once. There's no expiry date, no renewal fees. This guide is yours for life.

  • If I ever decide to discontinue this guide you'll be given at least one year's notice.  

If its a 'heck YES' for you, get the guide today.


How to price your cakes, bakes and handmade products


With lifetime* access to all the information contained within the guide

including The Cake Pricing Calculator.


Learn to quote even the most complicated custom-designed masterpiece

quickly and confidently. 

*You get access to the guide for as long as it exists and if the guide is discontinued for any reason,

you will be given one year's notice. 


Hidden Costs
Learn about 'fixed costs' and find out how much it costs you to run your business

We dive into the science and art of pricing for profit and make sure your products always earn you a profit. 

Gas + Electricity + Water
Discover how to easily include these intangible costs into your pricing

Of course we need to make sure we can pay our tax too.

Material costs
Learn about 'variable costs' and find out how much your own products cost to make

The Calculator
Let the calculator do the hard work for you, just type in your numbers and it'll tell you your selling price. You'll learn how to use the calculator to test the viability of potential new products too.

Wages + Profit
We bust some myths and discover why these are an essential part of your business

BONUS: Money Mindset
We dive into common money blocks that could be holding you back.

Personal Income
Learn how to determine how much to pay yourself for your work

BONUS: Design a viable cake business
Now you know your prices, we take look at ways to make your business work for you.

Who is the guide for and who is it NOT for?

The guide is specifically designed for you if this is your first business and you want to sell custom-made cakes. 

It will also be helpful to if you sell other bakes or if you are a crafter selling handmade products.

This guide will help you price bespoke, one-off, custom designed commissions like birthday or wedding cakes.

It will also help you price small scale batch-produced items, where you will make a number of products at one time and sell them to one customer or multiple customers. Such as: cakes, brownies, cookies, croissants, etc.


It is NOT for large scale businesses,

It is NOT for service based businesses (It IS for product based businesses)

It is NOT for recurring revenue products; these are things you create once and sell multiple times such as digital products, downloadable PDF templates etc. 

How to get the guide

1.Click this button.

2. A new window will open. Click the 'Get the guide' button.

3. Sign up to create an account.

4. Complete payment details.

5. Check you are logged in to your account. This should happen automatically.

If you are logged in you will see           Hello (Your name)

If you are not logged in you will see          Log In

On a computer or tablet, you can find this at top right of the screen.

On a phone you can find it at the top when you click the          symbol.

6. When you are logged in, to access the guide, come back to this page and click this button.



Is the Pricing guide only for cake businesses?

In the guide I use cake pricing in the examples, but the guide is suitable for any business selling handmade products. It is especially useful for businesses where the product had an intangible artistic element to it that can be challenging to value.

I make cookies without an ‘artistic element.’ Is the guide still useful?

Yes. The guide will teach you everything you need to know to price your handmade items. The calculator will also help you determine the viability of new products you are considering selling. It is also perfect when you want to work out the price and viability of a seasonal special offer.

How long will it take to complete the guide?

The guide could be completed in a couple of days with focused effort. It is broken into segments, so if you prefer to take your time, you could complete one segment each day for ten days.

I sell a service, not a product. Is the guide suitable for me?

No, this guide is designed to help you price handmade products.

Can I download the calculator?

The calculator is available through this website only. You can bookmark the page for easy access when you want to use it in the future. 

Does the guide explain how to include electricity use in my prices?

Yes, You will learn how to include electricity, gas and water in your prices.

I want to supply local cafes with my products, will the guide help with pricing for this?

Yes, this discussed in the guide.

Does it involve group calls?  

No. I know you are busy and may be in a different time-zone so there are no group calls or live training. The guide can be completed entirely at your own pace. All the information you need is in the guide. There's no need to get up in the middle of the night, so please enjoy your well earned sleep!

What if I don't understand something?

If you don't understand then there's a good chance other people will have the same question, so please send me an email at and I'll do my best to help you and update the guide to help others too!

Got questions? Just pop me an email with your question and tell me about your (planned) business and I'll let you know if you are in the right place, or not.

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