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    Start your business

    The guide to setting up a small (food) business from home
    Valid for one year
    • Hobby or a business?: Find out if you need to register
    • Registering at the KVK - what you need to know
    • Insurance: Find out what cover you need
    • Taxes: What, when, how and KOR
    • Permissions: What you need to start
    • Hygiene: Discover how to make sure your business is legal
    • Kitchen: Find out if your kitchen complys with regulations
    • Food specific: registering with NVWA
    • Food Inspections: What to expect
    • Set up costs: find out what it will cost you to set up
    • Checklist: Dowloadable checklist to help you

    Learn how to price your hand made products - COMING SOON
    Valid for one year
    • A step by step guide to pricing your products
    • Work out what it will cost to run your business
    • How to work out the material cost of each product
    • Discover why it's important to take a wage and make a profit
    • Find out how to define your wage
    • Discover how to define your profit
    • Adding tax: discover how and when
    • Calculator: Work out the price quickly and easily every time
    • Communicating prices with your customers
    • Educating your customers about the value of your products