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Need help with your business?

I hear you!

You are an expert in your craft but running a business is new for you.


As a business owner, you need communication, design, marketing and sales skills. But you don't have the time to perfect them all.


You just want to make people happy and earn some money with your beautiful products (or services).

You've started a Facebook/Instagram page and maybe even built a website but the sales aren't coming in and your business doesn't seem to be gaining any momentum.

You are not sure what to do next and there's only so much business-talk your partner, friends and family can put up with. Sometimes you just want some support from someone who understands.

I'm here for you!

and I'm as enthusiastic about business as you are. In fact I LOVE talking business and can't wait to dive into yours!

Here's how I can help you:

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That's me, ready and waiting to help you!


When things aren't working,

a fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference. 

With the Business Accelerator Audit, you'll get my eyes on your business.


I will look at all the ways people learn about your business (website / facebook / socials / etc) and tell you what's great and where you can make improvements. There will be no fluff and I'll get straight to the point... but with so much love, because I want you to succeed!

I will personally sift (baking pun intended 😉) through your website and socials and tell you exactly what you can do to move forward. All guidance will be realistic and based on where you are now.

You will receive practical tips and suggestions for improvements focused on helping you make more sales, attract more customers, and make your business easier. 


Plus I'll tell you what you are doing great, so you can keep doing these things (and who doesn't love a complement!)

You will receive the results of your audit in the form of an audio recording and a printable checklist/worksheet. Think of it as a podcast made just for you.

When you know you have a great product or service but it's not selling, you may be making unintentional mistakes that could be easily fixed and give your business a boost.


I'm here to help you do just that. Let's get your amazing product (or service) out to the people who will love it and start earning you some money. 

If this sounds like exactly what you need, simply fill in the form below and I'll get started on your personal list of fab tips to help boost your business. 

Custom Business Accelerator Audit

Thanks for your request.

I look forward to supporting you with custom business guidance.

Look out for an email from in the next few days.


What topics will you cover?

You will receive suggestions for any improvement points that could help you regarding communication, design, marketing and sales. This could be anything from the flow of the customer journey, to the font used. I can look at your pricing structure, your website layout, your graphics and fonts and the usability of your website. If there's a specific area you need support with, just let me know on the form. 

What does an audit cost?

A custom audit focused on helping improve your business costs €85

How long does it take?

Audit results can be received within a week, depending on availability. 

Will the audit identify all issues with my business?

You will receive between 5 and 15 improvement suggestions. I want to help you move forward with your business and believe it's better for you to actually make five changes than have a to-do list so long it feels too overwhelming to implement.


So, let's make this easy for you! The suggestions will focus on the things you can change most easily, or for the biggest potential impact. I'll also share as many compliments on what you are doing great as I can.

If I can't find anything for you to improve, I'll give you your money back. 

What if I don't have a website?

No problem, I can look at what you do have. This might be a Facebook page, an Instagram account etc. I'll look at whatever way you are currently communicating with potential clients.

What happens after the audit is complete?

You will receive your personalised suggestions and checklist, then it's up to you if you want to action them. If there's anything that's unclear or that you don't understand, just let me know.


Can you help me implement the suggestions from the audit?

Maybe, it depends what steps have been suggested. Just let me know which points you need help with and if it's within scope, I will prepare a quote for this additional service.

What does the audit NOT cover?

I am not an SEO, technical or legal expert and will not provide feedback on these areas. Suggestions will be focused on communication, design, marketing and sales improvement points. 

What types of business do you audit?

This service is suitable for a variety of small businesses such as custom cake makers, artists, crafts people, coaches, consultants, yoga teachers, mindfulness teachers, dance instructors, etc. Not sure? Pop me an email to with your website, Facebook page, etc and I will let you know if I can help you.  

Is my website data and information kept confidential?

Yes. I can only see what is already public and what you choose to share with me. I will only share the results of your audit with you.

Got a question?

If you have any other questions about this service or if it's right for you, pop me an email to

If you need more personalised support, a more in-depth audit, or guidance with the structure of your business, get in touch for a quote.

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