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Are you a small business owner at the beginning of your journey with lots of unanswered questions?

I'm here to help!

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There's lots to learn when starting your new business.

Everything is a challenge from communicating clearly with customers to pricing, and marketing your new business.

Sometimes you just need a friend who's been there, done that, and can fast track you to a solution.

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I'm here for you!

Join me for a mentor meeting and ask all your small business (and cake baking & decorating) related questions.


During this one-to-one video chat, my experince and knowledge is yours. 

Examples of some topics I can help you with:

  • How to safely construct a tiered cake for transport.

  • How to prepare quotes and communicate with your customers.

  • How to use flowers on a (wedding) cake.

  • Tips for succesful baking, buttercream and decorating.

  • How to host a wedding cake consultation and tasting.

  • Tips for a running a successful workshop.

  • Where to source packaging and supples.

  • Requesting payments at the right time and in the right way.

If you have a question on pricing or how to set up a home food business in the Netherlands, take a look my online courses that cover these topics in depth. Click here to find out more about these online guides

Still got questions, of course you are welcome to plan a mentoring session with me to discuss these.

What to expect

Your mentor meeting will be an online one-to-one video chat. It will be an informal chat, so feel free to ask me all your questions. Having run KMcakes for the last 7 years, I've probably been there and experienced what you are facing right now. No questions are stupid, so ask me anything.

Everyone is welcome. If you are a home baker or a small business owner, I'm here for you.


Mentor meetings will be a chat, not a baking or decorating demonstration. I will be happy to share links, tips, contacts and guidance based on my own experience to help you on your way.


If you'd like practical help with baking or decorating, check out the 1:1 masterclass. 

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How long is one session?

The time will depend on the number and complexity of topic(s) you'd like to discuss. This is always agreed up front so you know exactly what it will cost. 

What does a session cost?

A 1 hour mentor meeting costs €110 (inc BTW)

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