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Christmas cake

Rich spiced fruit cake packed with brandy soaked fruit

Ordering closed for 2020

check back soon for more delicious treats

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Complete your festive celebrations with this fragrant delight

This traditional fruit cake is moist, sweet and mellow.  My recipe was designed for maximum flavour and the only preservative it contains is a generous quantity of brandy!


It's lovingly made with bounteous volumes of jucy vine fruits all soaked overnight so they're bursting with deliciousness.


Baked with my own blend of winter spices, almonds and citrus zest, your cake will be matured allowing the flavours to develop and mellow so it's perfect for you to enjoy on Christmas Day. 

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Whats inside?

This cake really is the very best. It's packed full of vine fruits, citrus, nuts and winter spices.

Filled with raisins, currents, sultanas and cherries all plump from a long soaking in an extremely generous quantity of brandy. 

Richly fragrant with citrus and spices.

Decorated with traditional marzipan & fondant or roasted nuts.

Choose the nutty topped or fondant & marzipan coated version

My Indian customers tell me that this is very similar to plum cake. So, If you are feeling nostalgic for a slice of plum cake, why not give this a try?

One Happy customer's Google review:

"(When) something so delicious reaches me, it cant survive over a few days :)

This has been one of the best cakes so far for me. While I was relishing this cake, there was nostalgia, happiness and many other emotions - all at once."

Small nutty topped cake €14.95 (Collection)
Square shaped, 10cm x 10cm x 3cm, 300g,  4-6 portions


Mini nutty topped cake €16.50 (via post)

Square shaped, 10 x 10 x 2cm 200g- sent via post within the Netherlands. Box is 110x110x28mm and should fit through most post boxes. Price includes delivery. 


Large nutty topped cake €28 (collection)

Round shaped, 15cm x 5cm, 850g, 12 portions


Small  iced cake with holly decoration €23 (collection)
Square shaped, 10 x10x 4cm, 600g,  4-6 portions



Large iced cake with holly decoration €58 (collection)
Round shaped, 15cm x 6cm, 1500g, 12 portions

Brandy Butter €2.50 (collection)
Add a tub of sweet brandy butter and enjoy melted over warm Christmas cake or mince pies
150g (only available for collection)


I'm only able to post the mini nutty cake, all other options can be collected,

Delivery in not available for this offer.


 Friday 4th December and Saturday 5th December.

Collect from:


Beukenlaan 2, 5581HG, Waalre

(Friday: 9:00-17:30 or Saturday 9:00-12:00)


Eindhoven Centre - Creative Town Concept Store:

Het College 22, 5611 EH Eindhoven + €1.50

(Friday/Saturday: 11:30-17:30 or Sunday 12:00-17:00)

Last date to order: 22nd November. 

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Ordering closed for 2020

check back next year for more delicious treats