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Learn to price

your hand-made


Coming soon!

Struggling to price your hand-made products?

Fed up with undercharging?

Looking for a simple way to quickly calculate quotes for your customers?

If you want to:

Quickly quote realistic profitable prices

that your customers will be willing to pay.

you are in the right place!

You may have already tried to figure out your prices, only to discover that everything you read is full of confusing financial terminology.

Perhaps you have confidently worked out your price but thought 'No one would ever pay that much!'

or maybe you are right at the beginning of your pricing journey and are looking for a helping hand to guide the way.

I know exactly how you feel, I've been through all these stages and know how much time and effort it takes to find your way. That's why I've written this guide.


It is here to take away the stress, help you get going quickly and teach you to price with confidence now and for every future order - even when it's a bespoke one off design.

In the guide, you will:

• be taken step by step through each piece of information you need to gather.

• learn how to make the necessary calculations, even if math was never your thing.

• discover your product costs.

• determine your product price.

• you will customised your own pricing calculator so that you can quickly work out prices for individual comissions.

The guide is built from bite-sized steps. They are designed to be manageable, so you'll understand and get clear useable results.

By the end, you will have determined the price of each of your products.

Your price will ensure you cover your costs, earn a wage, make a profit and pay your taxes.

Even when your business has an intangible 'art' or 'design' element that seems difficult to price, you will learn to effectively price your products.

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Once you have calculated your product price,

I won't leave you there.

You will also learn what to do with this price.

you will learn:

to assess the feasibility of your (planned) business.

• what to do if your planned business is not feasible (yet)

• how to communicate your price with your customers.

• methods to confidently quote without feeling uncomfortable - great for introverts!

•how to stop wasting time quoting for people who will never buy from you...

• ..and find the ones who will

What we will cover

Fixed Costs?

- Work out how much it will cost you to run your business

Gas + Electricity + Water

- Calculate how much it will cost you with this simple method.

Product cost

- Together we calculate how much the raw materials of your product will cost you

Wages + Profit

- Discover why these are an essential part of your business


-Learn how to determine your wage


-We'll make sure

you make a profit on every sale


- Find out how to add tax to your price.

The Calculator

-Learn how to price your product.

Crazy prices?

-What to do when the price isn't want you expected


-Learn how to communicate your prices with your customers.


-How to sell without feeling like a slimey salesman

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Kate and I've been making delicious, custom designed cakes to help the people of Eindhoven celebrate their special occasions since 2017.


I know from my own experience and from chatting to fellow business owners that pricing remains one of the most difficult challenges in their businesses, especially when their products are hand made. 

I also found pricing challenging, which is why I did SO MUCH research into this topic. I devoured every book, guide, video and podcast I could get my hands on. I subscribed to online groups, I paid to join communities and followed everything anyone had to say on this subject.


I was always dissapointed.


Each method seemed to miss out some essential part of the process. They tried to over simplify things to the point where they weren't actually useful.


In then end, I developed my own method.


I took everything I'd learned, reworked it and designed a method, that incorporated a custom made calculator. It made a HUGE difference to my business. I can now prepare accurate, profitable quotes for completely custom made products in just a few minutes. 

When a fellow business owner told me she hadn't figured out her pricing yet and just didn't know where to start, I said, 'Oh, I can help you' I have a great system!


I was planning to simply send her my calculator to help her on her way, but I realised that just giving her my calculator without any explanation would be useless.

So, I started gathering information to explain how to use it. Finally, I had a very clear overview, but then I though, "What if, like me, she calculates her product price, takes one look at it and thinks 'I'll never sell it for that much!'"

Pricing is about so much more than calculations.


Hand made products are expensive. The general public is used to mass production, they're not used to paying artisan prices. So:


• You need to communicate the value of your product.

• You need to attract the sort of customers who are willing to pay for luxury hand crafted products.

• You need to find a way to stop wasting your time preparing quotes for people who simply can't afford or don't value your products.


I have had to take these steps myself. Making luxury hand made cakes is a very challenging business and has taught me a lot. At the beginning, many potential customers were expecting a piece of custom artwork for the price of a mass produced food item. I needed to find a way to explain to them why that's not possible..... whilst keeping them happy.

I have developed lots of techniques that help me attract the right customers who value my work.

I think this part of 'pricing' is REALLY important which is why the guide doesn't stop at the point where you have a price, It helps you learn how to use that price, how to communicate it and how to stop wasting time on 'customers' who aren't ever going to buy from you. 

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The guide is €350

(a very small investment for the amount of time this will save you - hint: a LOT!)

For just €350, you will get access to all the information

contained within the guide for a whole year.

You will also fully personalise the calculator which you can keep forever,

so you can quote with confidence!


Want to be the first to hear when it launches?


leave your email address to hear first.

To use the guide you will need a computer with Microsoft excel. If you don't already have this you can download it from the Microsoft website here.

Never use excel before? Don't worry, the guide includes a mini guide with everything you need to know about excel to price your products. It's much easier than you might imagine. 

How it works

*Please note, you will need Microsoft Excel on your computer to make full use of the guide.

This only costs €70 per year as part of Microsoft Office 365 and is extremely useful for your business. 


1.Click the button to buy the guide.

2. Click the 'Buy' button on the 'Learn to Price' option

3. Create an account by entering your email adress and a password

4. Complete payment details

5. Check you are logged in to your account. This should happen automatically.

If you are logged in you will see           Hello (Your name)

If you are not logged in you will see          Log In

You can find this at top right of the screen on a computer or ipad. It's at the top when you click the            symbol on a phone.

6. When you are logged in, to access the guide, come back to this page and click this button.


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