DIY cake kits

These colourful decorating kit are a fun and entertaining way to enjoy your birthday.

Enjoy the great flavour of a luxurious cake plus the fun of decorating with none of the hassle!

Kit includes:

-A freshly baked buttercream frosted cake or naked cupcakes

-Buttercream in 2-3 colours ready to use in piping bags - just cut the end off

-A sugar plaque with a name and message

-An edible number (ie '6' for a 6th birthday)

-Sugarpaste in 4 colours for modelling your own decorations


-Loads of sprinkles in different varieties

-Sweets and chocolate drops 

-Instructions explaining how to use the kit

1. Choose your flavour

  • Chocolate & Raspberry G*, V*

    • A customer favourite! Chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream and raspberry jam.

  • Red Velvet +€5 G*

    • Red velvet cake filled with vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam.

  • Champagne & Strawberry +€5 G*V*

    • Natural cake filled with marc de champagne buttercream & strawberry jam.

  • Vanilla & Raspberry +€5 G*V*

    • Vanilla cake filled with raspberry jam & vanilla buttercream.

  • Oreo V*

    • Chocolate cake filled with oreo buttercream and pieces of oreo.

  • Nutella G*

    • Chocolate cake filled with nutella and nutella buttercream.

  • Chocolate & Coffee G*, V*

    • Chocolate cake filled with coffee buttercream.

  • Coffee G*, V*

    • Coffee cake filled with coffee buttercream.

*G All my cakes (except Oreo) are also available gluten free. Just mention if you'd like gluten free in the comments box. Please read the info on allergens here

*V Flavours marked with a V are also available in a vegan or egg free version. Please mention in the comments if you'd like this. Please read the info on allergens here

Vanilla: I use vanilla extract in many of my cakes (not just in vanilla cake.) Vanilla extract contains alcohol. Each portion of cake or cupcake could contain up to about 0.4 ml alcohol. (one twelth of a teaspoon) Please let me know if this is an issue for you. 

2. Choose your buttercream

My cakes and cupcakes are made with American buttercream as standard. You can upgrade to a silky smooth meringue buttercream if you perfer a lighter and less-sweet taste. +€0.45 per portion (+€5.40 for a 12 portion cake)

3. Choose your size

9 cupcakes from €40​

12 cupcakes from €50

18 cupcakes from €75

6-8 portion cake from €69

12 portion cake from €89

16 portion cake from €110

22 portion cake from €130

4. Add extras

-Add an elegant long candle +€1 each

-Add a selection of stickers to decorate your cake box €1.50

-Add themed decorations (ie unicorn, rainbows, monster eyes etc- price on request

IMPORTANT: These kits are designed for 1-3 people to have fun decorating. If you are planning to use this as an activity for a kids party, just let me know and I'll make sure there are enough piping bags etc for everyone.

To place an order:

Just send me an email with:

1. Flavour choice

2. Buttercream choice

3. Size of cake or number of cupcakes

4. Any extras you'd like.

5. The date you need the cakes

6. The delivery adress if needed


I'll get in touch asap to let you know if I have availability for your chosen day. If so, I will send you an invoice plus a Tikkie for super easy payment.  

Your order is secured when payment is received. I will do my best to get back to you within 2 working days.

PORTION SIZE: A generous 4 x 3.5 x 7-10cm. I prefer for you to have some cake left over for the next day than to run out!


To avoid dissapointment, please place your order at least 3 weeks before your event. Event in the next few weeks? It's always worth asking if there is still availability.


We can deliver your kit at an agreed time. Prices is based on distance from KMcakes. Here is an indication:

Waalre dorp € Free

Aalst-Waalre +/- € 8

Valkenswaard +/- €10

Veldhoven  +/-  €15

Eindhoven Centre +/- €20

Eindhoven North +/- €25

Neunen +/- €25

Other locations upon request

If you would prefer to collect your cake it is, of course, FREE.


Cakes can be collected at an agreed time from Beukenlaan 2, 5581HG, Waalre.


I really want your cake to get home in perfect condition. Here are some tips:

  • Place on a flat surface in your car (in the trunk or the passenger foot-space.)

  • On warm days use your car's air conditioning.

  • Don't break or accelerate too hard. Take corners slowly and carefully.

  • Never leave cake in car as cake will get too hot and melt.


Store it in a cool place (20 degrees or below) and away from direct sunlight. It does not need to be kept in the fridge.


See Terms and Conditions (algemene voorwarden) 


Your birthday cake will be made from scratch using the best quality real ingredients. Brightly coloured cakes are so fun that I do use artificial colours.


The coloured icing/frosting provided will usually be flavoured with vanilla extract which contains alcohol. Each portion of cake or cupcake will contain about 0.4 ml alcohol. (one twelth of a teaspoon) Please let me know if this is an issue for you. 


My cakes may contain butter, sugar and free-range eggs, flour, milk, grains, nuts, cocoa, soya or other allergens and could have come into contact with these allergens. It is the customer's responsibility to inform their guests of this. KMcakes is not responsible for any possible allergic reactions.


All the birthday cakes (except oreo) can be made gluten free. Just mention this in the comments box when ordering.

Please note that I'll make your gluten free cakes in the same kitchen as the gluten containing cakes. If you have an allergy, unfortunately, I can't cater for you. These gluten free cakes are only suitable for people with a small intolerance. 


I really hope you lenjoy getting creative with your decorating kit and it brings a great big smile to the birthday boy or girl!!

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