How can I order a cake ?

For Wedding cakes simply fill in this form with your details and I will get back to you asap. For Birthday + occasion cakes fill in this form and I will get back to you asap. When I receive your request, I will let you know asap if I have availability for your chosen date. I will prepare a no obligation quote for you. When you are happy, you will receive an invoice and a quick payment link (tikkie) via whatsapp. Your order will be confirmed and your date reserved when your payment/deposit has been received.

How early do I need to order?

To avoid dissapointment, please place your order at least 3 weeks before your event. Event in the next few weeks? It's always worth asking if there is still availability.

When do I need to pay?

Wedding: You can reserve the date of your wedding or event with a 50% deposit at the time of booking. The remaining 50% should be paid 6 weeks before the event. Take a look at the Algemene Voorwarden for the cancellation policy. You can find these at the bottom of every page on this website. Birthday: We request full payment when you place your order. Please note that your order is only confirmed when payment has been received and we have sent you confirmation of your order. Our Algemene Voorwarden also apply to Party-Collection orders. You can find these at the bottom of every page on this website.

Can you make gluten free cakes?

Most of our cakes can be made using a gluten free flour. However, they will be made in the same kitchen as the gluten containing cakes and we do not have seperate utensils specially for gluten free. So, if you have a small intolerance, we can help, but if you have an allergy, unfortunately, Kmcakes is not set up up to cater for you yet. Please note that we do use gluten containing products in the kitchen and therefore cannot guarantee that your cake will be free from traces. Please mention any allergies before placing your order and be aware that you are ordering, purchasing, and consuming these products entirely at your own risk.

Do you cater for other allergies?

HALAL Most of our cakes can be made Halal. Please let me know when you place your order. LACTOSE INTOLERANCE If you have a lactose intolerance, you can choose our lemon or Victoria sponge cakes. A slice of these cakes contain about 0.01g lactose. Most lactose intolerant people can consume up to 12g of lactose at a time. Please note that unfortunately none of our cakes are suitable for people with a milk protein allergy. (source https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/is-butter-dairy) Most of our cakes contain sugar, butter and free-range eggs. All our products are made in an environment where nuts, wheat/gluten, eggs, soya, milk, cocoa, grains, alcohol etc are used and may contain traces. If in doubt please ask. Please mention any allergies before placing your order.

Do you deliver?

Delivery prices are based on the distance from Kmcakes. An indication of prices is below: Waalre dorp € 8 Aalst-Waalre +/- € 12 Valkenswaard +/- €15 Veldhoven +/- €20 Meerhoven +/- €25 Eindhoven Centre +/- €25 Eindhoven North +/- €35 Neunen +/- €35 Other locations upon request If you would prefer to collect your cake it is, of course, FREE. for larger cakes, I will also set up your cake at your party location. I will deliver a cutting guide and explain to you or site personnel about cutting, storage and flavours.

What does a tasting cost?

A tasting consultation costs €50. The cakes will be baked freshly for your appointment. The tasting is for 2 people. Please note that I only offer tastings for orders over €250 When your final order is over €500, you will receive €25 discount for the tasing on the final invoice.

Why should I choose KMcakes?

Kmcakes are high quality inside and out. All my cakes are freshly baked for each order.

I listen to your needs and try to make a design and cake that will make you happy.

I bake everything from scratch using high quality ingredients such as free range eggs, top quality vanilla and Callebaut chocolate from Belgium. My recipes use real butter for a rich moist sponge. You will taste the difference!

When you choose a KMcake, you can enjoy:

  • Freshly baked for you.
  • Delicious flavours using the very best ingredients.
  • Baked from scratch using real ingredients.
  • Beautiful artwork.
  • The reassurance of knowing you have chosen a reliable baker who is fully registered, inspected, licensed and insured.

​KMcakes will bake a delightful confection to charm your guests

Can you work within my budget?

Of course! Most of my cakes are unique and specifically designed for each customer which makes it impossible to have one set price list. However, I try to be as transparent as possible about my pricing. On the Birthday page of this site you can see lots of photos along side the pricing Bands to guide you in your decision. If you have a budget, I'm happy to make a proposal for you that will meet your needs.

How should I store my cake?

Buttercream cakes: -Most of my buttercream coated cakes can be kept at room temperature of 20 degrees or below. If your cake contains a cream cheese buttercream and needs to be kept in the fridge, I will inform you of this.
-I do not recommend storing your cake in the fridge as this will cause the cake to dry out. -These cakes can not survive hot or sunny conditions. Please do not leave in a warm room or full sun as the cake will melt. -If you are collecting your cake in the summer, we recommend using your air-conditioned car for collection and keeping the air conditioning turned on whilst transporting the cake. Fondant cakes: -These cakes are made with a layer of ganasch and fondant which naturally preserves your cake by sealing it from the air. -These cakes are safe to store at a room temperature of below 20 degrees. These cakes are designed to be placed centre stage for your guests to enjoy. Your cake does not need to be kept in the fridge. It should not be put in the fridge as the moisture will damage the surface of the fondant. -Keep out of direct sunlight or very warm places. Your cake should be eaten on the day of your event.

What is the difference between fondant and buttercream?

Fondant is a flexible paste made from sugar that can be rolled out and used to cover cakes. It is commonly seen on wedding cake as it can be carefully worked to give a perfect finish. When using fondant, a layer of chocolate ganache is applied to the cake first to build a solid base for applying the fondant. Fondant can be coloured to almost any colour and ganache can be flavoured. It is costly and time intensive which is why it is mostly seen on wedding cakes. Buttercream is a soft cream used to fill and coat the outside of cakes. At Kmcakes, you can choose a luxurious smooth light meringue buttercream or a sweet American buttercream. Buttercream can be coloured and flavoured

Do you offer Vegetarian, Vegan or egg free cakes?

Almost all of my cakes are Vegetarian. I also offer Vegan cakes in many flavours. Look for the 'V' next to the flavour choice for a vegan cake. Do you prefer egg free but are happy to eat butter, or butter free but are happy to eat eggs, just let me know and I'll do my best to acommodate your request.

Is KMcakes registered for food hygiene?

KMcakes is registered at the NVWA (Nederlandse Voedsel en Waren Autoriteit)
This is obligotary for any company producting or selling food in the Netherlands. KMcakes is also registered with the Food Base (formally known as Nederlands Bakkerij Centrum) We follow the Hygiene code from Food Base ensuring our food manufacture, storage and processes are all undertaken following this strict hygiene code. KMcakes takes her activities seriously and is registered with the Gemeente, and insured. KMcakes is also registered at the KVK (Kamer van koophandle) To check if any business in the Netherlands is registered, just type in their name on the KVK website here. If a company is not on this register then avoid doing business with them as they are not a real company and they are not registered with the food authouity so won't be following the important hygiene rules to protect your's and your guest's health.



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My working hours are:

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I work from a home based (fully registered, licensed and inspected) kitchen and am available for visiting by appointment only


What people say:


Thanks for the yummy cake, it was soo delicious. Malaika enjoyed and before we knew it, it was finished!



Thank you for the wonderful cake! It looked beautiful and tasted even better. The parents to be loved it!



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The cake was really tasty and finished fast on the plates of all the guests. All kids also enjoyed eating the decorations!



She loves the cake but doesn't want to eat it. she wants to look at it forever, thanks for the perfect cake.



The cake was delicious. we loved the way it was soft inside, the best texture we had so far!!!

Hummingbird was worth a try!!



Thank you for the cake! It looked amazing and was so delicious. It was super light and fresh for the warm weather. Everyone loved it!



Dank je wel. Al mijn vrienden vonden het lekker, iedereen vonden het super lekker. Het was echt de beste wat ze ooit hebben gehad



Thank you for the cake, I really enjoyed it, it was very tasty. People also liked it and they were asking a lot who made it.



Thank you! The reactions were overwhelming so far and Roan told everyone that they are delicious.



A huge thank you for your absolutely delicious cake & cupcakes. They not only looked fantastic but tasted great. Everyone at the party said the same.



She is so happy and overjoyed at seeing your cake and trust me its the best i have seen so far. Thank you so much for making her happy