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Want AMAZING cake

that will

WOW your guests,

THRILL your child




For people who appreciate luxury

You are a loving parent, friend or partner and want to make that

special person feel loved

with a totally personal and

luxurious unique gift

that shows how much

you care.

You are bored of mass produced tasteless cakes.

You welcome a break from doing everything in Dutch, just this once.

You are looking for something a bit more special?

Welcome to KMcakes

 Hi, I'm Kate


I'm an Expat from England and have lived in Eindhoven (Waalre) for 12 years.


I know exactly what it's like trying to find your way in a new country where  you can't speak the language.


That's why I will make your life a little easier by communicating in English with you. ...Unless you want to practice your Dutch of course ;o)

Before launching KMcakes, I worked as a Designer for over 10 years.

I use my knowledge of trends, colours and patterns to make your cake a work of art.


So when you want something totally gorgeous and unique

I will design a perfect cake for you!

Workshop KMcakesEindhoven.JPG


Cake decorating is a relaxing & fun hobby!

Want to give it a try?


I keep the groups very small because I know you want to relax and enjoy a chat with your fellow participants!


Tiny groups ensure a luxurious experience, you'll get the time & attention you need to really learn!

Here are the current workshops

These were

a bit too easy

to find


I'm a bit of a foodie and the proof

was a little too easy to find! 😳

Like you, staying healthy is important to me. If I'm going to consume sugar and treats they REALLY need to be worth those calories!

I bet you feel the same, which is why all my cakes are baked from scratch with the highest quality ingredients.

My cakes taste great, so you can enjoy a bit of indulgence just this once!


"What does a designer know about baking?"

I hear you ask.

When I realised it was time to turn my hobby in to my work, I went and trained with some of the best bakers and cake designers there are! Including:

Peggy Porschen


Bakery Institute

Squires Kitchen

but don't just take my word for it!

here's what my customers say:

Review 3.jpg
Review 1.jpg
review 2.jpg

Ready to experience something special?

Popcorn movie cake KMcakesEindhoven.jpg
Buttercream piping workshop KMcakesEindh

Still wondering? You might like to know:

  • KMcakes is a fully registered, inspected, licensed and insured business.

  • All communication will be in English (or Dutch if preferred)

  • Your cake will be made with the best ingredients and baked freshly from scratch.

  • You get a completely personal service. I will listen to your needs then design a cake just for you.

  • All my prices are clearly shown on the website - no surprizes!

  • Your cake will be delicious!

Find out more and order:

buttercream cake KMcakesEindhoven_edited
Buttercream piping workshop KMcakesEindh
Naomi 4_edited_edited.jpg
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